Found All Around: A Show-and-Tell of Found Poetry is a unique how-to poetry book that not only includes creative poems, but also illustrates the origin and process of each poem. Perfect for hesitant or proficient poets, found poetry is a form of poetry where words are taken from existing text (newspapers, menus, books, etc.), reordered, and turned into a poem.


A Show-and-Tell of Found Poetry

Found All Around


Children’s Poetry Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards



It turns the mundane into something fun and creative!

                                 - Allison Kegley (Elementary School Teacher)

Teaches us that we can find poetry in everyday things!

                                 - Tanvi Dalal (Graphic Artist)


Karen Heathwood is an artist and illustrator who loves making stories told with pictures. She got her start drawing storyboards for TV animation for studios such as Nickelodeon, Disney, and Colossal Pictures.

Krishna Dalal has participated and placed in numerous spelling bees in her youth.  These experiences not only led to a love of words and a pair of nerdy glasses, they inspired her first children’s book.  The road from investment banking to teaching (and a few careers in between) always had a fork in writing.  She currently resides in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband, Jayesh, and son, Vihaan. For information regarding Ms. Dalal’s school author visits, please click here.